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World Teachers Day 2019
September 5 - October 5, 2019 Theme: “Gurong Pilipino: Handa sa Makabagong Pagbabago”

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Be a Salt to the Earth

by LEILA G. VALENCIA             “You are the salt of the earth” God declared it in Matthews 5:15.              Yes, I believe that we have encountered this line already as we read the bible everyday. But the question is, are we taking this seriously and meditating this line in its deepest meaning?              If we look for the meaning of salt in the dictionary, it means to preserve and flavor the food and enrich its taste. But if we look at the bible, salt expresses the thought that Christians are to be a preserving and savoring element for the Lord on earth, enriching the lives of others is our role and God’s ultimate purpose why He gave us potentials and skills.              This is to help those who are weak needy sick and lost not only on the physical aspect but in all areas of their lives.              It may be spiritually, emotionally and in intellectually. We must tickle their interest in searching and seeking God and to be hunger and thirsty of His word. We must also be a channel of blessings in fulfilling their dreams. We must guide and direct them into the right path. And enjoy God’s gift of salvation (by God’s grace and unmerited favor for those who will receive and believe in it), and consider Christ as their personal savior and walk with intimacy with Him.              In short, Christians are designed to be a SALT.   S – sensitive to the needs of others A – alert in rescuing the lost L – light of those who are in the dark T – tactful in giving spiritual advices. Read More

Dengue IEC Materials 2019

Dengue Information, Education, and  Communication (IEC) Materials         Read More

Division Ranklist for Senior High School Vacant Positions SY 2016-2017

Division Ranklist for Senior High School Vacant Positions SY 2016-2017 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD DIVISION RANKLIST FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VACANT POSITIONS SY 2016-2017 Read More

Iloilo City ALS students as PLDT Infoteach training finishers: programs’ first

            (Iloilo City) -  Sixty students enrolled in Alternative Learning System (ALS) of DepEd Division of Iloilo City were awarded certificates of completion of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Infoteach training program last April 8, 2016 at Monfort Hall, DepEd Division of Iloilo, Lapaz, Iloilo City.              PLDT Infoteach training program is a social corporate responsibility initiative of the company aimed on training both students and teachers in the field of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and had the tradition to teach students and teachers in regular schools and had partnered with Local Government Units (LGU’s) and University of the Philippines Open University (UPO), but now extended to ALS which is the first in their program as well as in the City of Iloilo. Ms. Clarissa G. Zamora, CESO VI, in her welcome speech             ALS students completers receive their certificates The PLDT Infoteach Training completers together with local DepEd and PLDT Officials             The training implementation started in the third quarter of 2015 and spearheaded by Mr.  Stephen Balmes and Mr. Rolly Ben Madera,  both Education Program Specialists II, with the support of  Mrs. Leila Valencia,  ALS Coordinator and Education Program Supervisor,  Learning Resource Management Development System under the Curriculum Implementation Division of DepEd Division of Iloilo City. Mrs. Leila Valencia (2nd from left) together with Mr. Raymond Peter Tolentino, Mr. Stephen Balmes and Ms. Clarissa G. Zamora, CESO VI (partly hidden) receive their tokens from Mrs. Evelyn Mamauag del Rosario (leftmost) of PLDT.             Together with Iloilo City, local officials of recipient localities of Oton, Leon, and San Miguel in the Province of Iloilo thanked PLDT of the laudable program which the company has started for many years ago.  In her speech, the amiable and brilliant Officer In-Charge of the DepEd Division of Iloilo City, Ms. Clarissa G. Zamora, addressed the importance of ICT in leveling international boundaries and knowledge on 21st Century skills as responsive education of today’s learners.                 Mr.  Dominador Co, one of the Executive Assistants to the Hon. Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, expressed the Mayor’s message by commending the spirit of volunteerism possessed by ALS teachers in delivering alternative education and skills to the youth of Iloilo City. Mr. Dominador Co, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, conveys the message of Hon. Jed Patrick Mabilog Mrs. Evelyn Mamaug del Rosario, the Guest Speaker, passionately delivers her message to the Infoteach Training Completers           The Head of Community Relations Department and Public Affairs of PLDT, Mrs. Evelyn Mamauag del Rosario, served as the guest speaker.  She challenged the Training Course completers to share their learning to others.   “It is not just that your brains are full, but the heart who knows how to love. Share the modules to teachers and all learners”, she added.  She concluded that their training as what PLDT believes serves as a social equalizer to bridge the problem of poverty and suggested an innovative way of saying PLDT, that is - Pray to God, Listen carefully to your teachers, Determination to win, and Teamwork. -NT&AT Read More

Knowing God's Will

by LEILA G. VALENCIA The bible declares in Proverbs 19:21 that many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails and Isaiah 46:10 says “My purpose will stand and I will do all that I please. “Since God is sovereign, of course His plan and His purpose will prevail. He has the power to implore His will here in the world. And we, as His creations, do not have the authority to demand or require God to do our will. All we have to do is just pray and to build His works and will here on earth. But how do we know that it is God’s will? Of course, we need to search for the truth and see to it if it is good, pleasing and perfect for these are the qualities of God’s will. Many are afraid of submitting to God’s will but if they really understood the nature of His will, they would not fear. In Romans 12”2, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will. God’s plan or will also includes prosperity, protection and hope. Does God’s plan include harming us or providing us? How has God provided you and protected you as you have obeyed His will? How has your commitment to God’s will given you positive hope for your future? In Jeremiah 29:11. God also says “For I know the plans I have for your plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” And the last is the unchanging quality of God’s purpose. Because of God wanted the unchanging nature of His purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, He confirmed it with an oath. Read More

Learn the ALS Way

  by LEILA G. VALENCIA As I was looking for a place where to conduct my Alternative Learning System Class popularly called Non-Formal Education. I found Barangay Ortiz as an ideal one because of its strategic location for a small business and with its site near the sea. Most of the people living there are taking their source for a living from the nearby wharf where pumpboats via Guimaras-Iloilo City and vice-versa dock. The place is so ideal.  I surveyed the area and conducted interviews with the residents. The result was that they do not have the capacity to put up a business even if they want to. They have no other choice but to wait for their husband to come home and give them budget for the whole day that includes three meals, children’s school allowances and projects and other basic needs at home excluding medicines. What with P150 – P200 average income a day for five to 10 mouths to feed.  How sad, isn’t it? Indeed, because of their ignorance and lack of motivation, they live below the poverty line.  But wish God-given talents and intellect, we have the potential to become wealth producers. Don’t you think we do not deserve this? God’s original plan for us is to enjoy life in abundance but we need to use heavenly wisdom. We must be wise and be a good steward to all these things He has given us. What we need is being creative, being industrious and being practical.  Here’s good news for those who wish to learn and intend to engage in a small business. The Bureau of Alternative Learning System and its staff will go to the grassroots to serve those who have the desire to acquire skills and institutions to be educated and have a productive life.  Further, what it needs is an open mind, a teachable heart and a willing spirit.  So what are you waiting for? If you are interested to be a part of this ALS program, just approach our ALS implementor  Mrs. Leila G. Valencia or visit our school. We are more than willing to serve you.   Read More

Making quality education accessible anytime, anywhere: DepEd continues to expedite expansion of ALS

PASIG CITY, August 25, 2017–To provide caliber education to vulnerable groups and those not reached by formal education that will help realize greater equity in human development outcomes, the Department of Education (DepEd) is working expeditiously to continuously expand the coverage of the Alternative Learning System (ALS).   As a significant indicator of the Department’s push to intensify the program, DepEd has offered ALS programs to 8,703 drug surrenderees, 541 children in conflict with the law, 837 rebel returnees, and 16,572 laborers. .  The Department has also rolled out the revised and enhanced ALS curriculum to ensure that knowledge and competencies of ALS learners are aligned with K to 12, relevant, and up-to-date. The new curriculum is demonstrated in content standards, performance standards, and learning competencies. It also describes the minimum competency standards for learners as a substitute pathway of learning and certification similar to the formal school system.   To ensure that the new curriculum will be executed accordingly, there will be massive capacity building activities for teachers and ALS implementers.   ALS Program has also been established in countries where children of Filipino migrants have no access to formal education. There are 100 volunteer teachers in Sabah who have been trained to facilitate the sessions with learners.   In addition, ALS enrollment in 2016 increased to 691,461, as compared with the 586,693 total enrollment in 2015.  Bangon Marawi As part of its mandate, DepEd intends to bring ALS to displaced residents of Marawi to ensure education will continue regardless of their circumstances.   The Department will offer ALS to out-of-school youth and adults from Marawi who are in evacuation centers or resettlement areas. The intervention will include psychological first aid and peace education, on top of the regular literacy program.   ALS, as defined in the Republic Act 9155, is a parallel learning system that provides a practical option to the existing formal instruction. The program encompasses both non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills, in compliance to the Duterte Administration’s thrust of accelerating human capital development through the execution of inequality-reducing transformation (Pagbabago).  END Read More


by: Mrs. Ma. Mae S. Alminaza,Head Teacher III, BNHS              While browsing the different certificates of participation I have attended since the opening of the academic year 2015, I came to realize that time ran so fast, I am so lucky to be sent as a representative of our school, and so with this, I shouldn’t waste any single minute to help implement what I have learned from the various training and seminar-workshops conducted by the dedicated and committed Education Program Specialists of the Division of Iloilo City. The “ber” month has arrived, though several tasks were accomplished but still more responsibilities are yet to be done and expect even more challenges to come.             In her inspirational message during the Reorientation on Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program( 4Ps) last August 19,2015 at EON Centennial Resort, Madam Clarissa G. Zamora, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent and Officer-in-Charge of the Division of Iloilo City shared about the complicated status of being a leader, a worker and an educator even he/she takes the roles and responsibilities seriously. Her sincere words made me recall one passage I have read from a Christian book which says, “When the work of earning a living, raising a family, maintaining health and fitness and managing relationships starts to overwhelm us, it’s good to think about how small our part in the universe is”.             Taking a look at the bulk of work ahead of us, we could sometimes say that life is difficult, burdensome and chaos. Let us face the fact that while the left hemisphere of our brain is busy with the reports to be submitted, requirements of Senior High School Program to be accomplished, grades of students to be computed, etc., the other half worries about bills to be paid, endless debt to be overcome, debilitating illness of a family member to be cured, etc.             With all these, there is nothing more effective than the power of Divine Intervention. ORA et LABORA…PRAY and WORK. When everything seem to fall into pieces, pause for a while and think of those who are last, least and lost, those who believe that the best revenge against poverty is by going to school ( SAKADA 2015). Remember, enormous number of young people out there depend on us for their future, Let us pray and work hard in order to craft a focused mind amidst all the challenges and destruction of life, get to enjoy sunrises and sunsets every day, for God’s grace to every child who calls upon Him is immeasurable. Read More

Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) for Senior High School Teaching Positions School Year 2019-2020

Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) for Senior High School Teaching Positions School Year 2019-2020 (Based on DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2016) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD SHS RQA PDF FILE Read More

Sa ALS, May Pag-asa

  LEILA G. VALENCIA Ang Alternative Leaning System o ALS ay alternatibong pamamaraan ng Departamento ng Edukasyon upang matulungan na makapagtapos ng pag aaral ang mga kabataan at matatanda na hindi pa nakapagtapos ng Basic Education. Ito ay tugon din sa RA 9155 EFA Goal 2015 na dapat ang lahat ay nakapag-aral at marunong nang magbasa, umintindi ng binabasa, magsulat at magkompyut. Tinatanggap ang mag-aaral sa ALS sa elementarya kung ang edad niya ay labing-isa pataas at labinlimang taon pataas sa sekondarya ngunit, ikinukonsidera rin ang resulta ng kanilang Functional Literacy Test. FLT kung saan ginagamit ito sa assessment ng kanilang letiracy level. Ang level o kategorya ay Basic Literacy (BL), Lower Elementary, Advance Elementary at Secondary Level. Ang ibig sabihin, kung ang resulta ng FLT mo ay mababa o natuon sa lower elementary o basic literacy ilalagay ka sa isang grupo at bibigyan ka ng interbensyon na angkop sa inyong pangangailangan na mapag-aralan (learning needs). Pagkatapos ng sampung buwan na learning intervention ang mag-aaral ay maari ng mairekomenda ng kanyang instructional manager na makakuha ng Accreditation and Equivalency kung nagpapakita na siya ay talagang   handa   na sa pamamagitan ng portfolio assessment at panibagong FLT result at talagang marunong na siyang magpalabas at makapag-organisa ng kanyang ideya sa pamamagitan ng pagbuo ng iba’t ibang topiko ng komposisyon. Ang nasabing eksaminasyon na ito ay taunang ibinibigay ng Bureau of the Alternative Learning System na kung maipasa nila ito, sila ay ikonsidera na nakapagtapos na ng kurikulum sa elementary o sekondarya man sa pamamagitan ng pagbigay sa kanilang ng diploma na nilagdaan mismo ng nakaupong kalihim ng Departamento ng Edukasyon. Maaari na nilang gamitin ito para makapag-enrol sa kolehiyo, maka-training sa TESDA o pagkuha ng mga bokasyunal na kurso. Pwede rin itong gamitin sa pag-apply ng trabaho na ang kwalipikasyon ay dapat nakapagtapos ng Basic Education. Dahil sa programang ito, marami ang nabigyan ng pag-asa at maraming buhay ang nagbago. Kung sila noon ay hikahos sa buhay o sadlak sa kahirapan, ngayon ay mas maganda at magaan na silang pananaw sa buhay dahil may ibinibigay sa espesyal na prebelihiyo ang gobyerno at iba pang pamantasan para sa mga nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral sa ALS.             Maraming pamantasan ang tumatanggap sa mga ALS passer para maging iskolar o grantee at may ibinibigay din ang TESDA na mga kursong bokasyunal na bukas para sa lahat na gusting makapagtrabaho mapalokal man o internasyonal. Ngayon taon, sa FSPNHS ay may apatnapu’t tatlong mag-aaral sa ALS na nakapagtapos ng sekondarya dahil sa kanilang pagsusumikap na matuto at maging handa sa pagkuha ng A and E Examination. Sa kabila ng hirap at pagsubok na kanilang hinarap, hindi pa rin sila sumuko at buong tapang nilang iginapang ang sarili makamit lang ang minimithing tagumpay na makapagtapos at maipasa ang eksaminasyon. Sa ngayon ang marami sa kanila ay nag-aaral na sa kolehiyo, ang iba ay nagtraining o kumuha ng vocational courses sa TESDA at TIIC at ang iba naman ay nagtrabaho bilang call center agent. Ayon sa testimonya ng mga estudyante sa ALS sa ilang buwang pag-aaral nila ay marami na silang natutunan mula sa modyul at sa kanilang mga literacy facilitators at hindi lang basic skills, ngunit sa lahat ng aspeto na siyang sandata upang malampasan ang mga pagsubok sa buhay. Marami rin ang kanilang natutunan tungkol sa Diyos at mas naging malalim ang kanilang pagkilala at relasyon sa ating Poong Maykapal dahil ipinapasok sa pagtuturo ang salita ng Diyos dahil naniniwala ang tagapagturo na ang talagang makapagbabago sa buhay ng tao ay salita ng Diyos.   Read More
The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. - Carl Rogers

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